Friday, August 5, 2011

Adventure Outdoors: Irresistible Eco-Destination

There, Monteverde Cloud Forest, an ecological paradise, which extends over 35,000 hectares of northern Costa Rica, home of more than 200 wild animals. Height of 1000 feet, the rain forest ecosystem is unlike any other place, and picks up moisture in the clouds blowing from the Atlantic and Pacific as well, so the name of the cloud forest. Hyökyvät clouds moving from the forest seem like another world, a soft mist enveloping it, where the humidity is often 100%.

Fog and mist roll through the water-fuel plants in the biosphere, so that the sun drying the wood. The results of natural phenomena, in particular, plant flowers, it is worth the trip. The whole area thrives in emerald hues and colorful flowers offers a fascinating insight into the flora and fauna, including several species of orchids, insects, butterflies and a rainbow of colors, more than 30 species of Hummingbirds and aa beautiful Quetzal, but many of the mammals. Even house cats, such as the Reserve Jaguars, Pumas, ocelots and oncillas margays jaguarondis.

A beautiful park in countless outdoor adventures. Easy to challenging walks and nature trails traverse more women in the cloud forest. For those of you who are adrenaline, nothing compares to free the zip lining and rappelling Adventures. There, Insectarium, Reptile Museum, Butterfly House, frog ponds, and as part of the cloud forest experience. Hummingbird at the mouth of the gallery forest reserve is a great example of the prospects for birdwatchers.

Birding in Monteverde
Wherever you are right place for bird watching, or the Monte Verde National Park. Walking offers nature lovers a place very close to the Biodiversity Reserve, the stage is set here, enchanting birders. The diversity of species and many exotic birds have been very significant. Mixed flock of up to 30 species of birds alone. Suddenly, shadowy forest explodes cacophony of sound breaking up frenzy of birds can be seen. When they arrive, they will disappear, to restore the forest sounds of silence.

Monteverde Cloud Forest is home to some of the most beautiful bird in the world, with 200-400 different species of birds commonly seen in the expedition. Can the national bird of Costa Rica, a beautiful Quetzal, is located here, as well as other rare species, such as the Azure-hooded Jay, and three-wattled Bell Bird Zaledonia. Bird watcher is a large exotic birds often understand the park's ecosystem.

Travel Park is an adventure in itself. Hurdle after the 15-mile barrier. every hour, climbing rough wonder whether it is worth. When the Monteverde Cloud Forest experience, but the beauty and the many natural wonders will never forget!

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