Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Art Adventures: A Recent Art Adventure

Unbelievable some of the things that can be found on the Internet, even if you do not want to find. An example of the Art Adventures. I found it quite unusual Art Adventures experience in the recent past, and I want to take a moment to unusual with others. This is a typical development, which clearly shows the appreciation of art, allow me to critically analyze and interpret the various works of Art Adventures. I logged on to the popular social network, Facebook, when I noticed that one of my friends in Spain used to image the artist's personal image.

I was immediately attracted and intrigued by the mysterious painter, and was determined to find who painted it, so you can see some of the artists' work. As I looked at seemed to be familiar with the style, but I simply could not put the pictures. Thinking back, maybe a month or two, to my mind that I read that there were many before unseen paintings, to release the estate of Pablo Picasso. This was probably one of them has been released to the public. With that said, I thought, it's time to consider the "mystery photo", as well as how to find an unusual look on the internet. Concluded that a talented artist, a young woman named Stephanie Claire.

Stephanie is a young woman, who was born and raised on the East Coast, but now home to San Diego with her husband and newborn child. This can be seen in the influential artists Art Adventures who have helped in the style, such as Chagall, Kandinsky, Matisse and Picasso, of course, the master of cubism. If we study his style of painting you can see the bright colors and cubist design, which is accustomed to these styles of art.

Looked at the painting we see a man and a woman friend in a loving embrace. She introduces him to the white flower, and his eyes were directed to the new gift. He seems to be thinking deep concern on his face and his companion, he wonders if he loves her white flowers. It is quite possible to dress them to be made by a young couple and the love of your session. A gentleman off the dress shirt is missing again, she seems to be a kind of nightgown Art Adventures.

If you look at the picture for us, first to win a bright red background, and relaxed after a while, our eyes drawn to the color value for skin tones. The thick, bold lines, recalls the earlier Cubist style, he used to. The artist Art Adventures did an excellent job of combining light and dark color combinations, and inlaid with different shades of the real. We see before us a warm, natural images of love interlaced within the granular restrictions on canvas.

A fan of cubist art style, I immediately made the whole painting. I especially appreciate the treatment of the skin that may have an artist in his own painting Art Adventures. To be honest, I think it was the first of its kind donation of the skin that I was exposed. I think the artist has successfully demonstrated the strong lines and bold colors that love is still time.